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Summer Guide 2016

Ready for a splash? On the sultriest of summer days, the best—and most fun—way to cool off is to get wet. Lucky for us we’re surrounded by water—the Atlantic, plus inlets, rivers, and creeks—and myriad easy-breezy ways to enjoy them
Hit the water and the waves to get fit or just have a great time
Get the details on our four closest oceanfront playgrounds and claim your preferred patch of sand
A cooler walk in the city
The tides rise and fall, and with each rush and mix of water, in come the fish—and plenty of crabs and shrimp. Warm winter waters this year point to a shrimp season in high gear by June, and the S.C.
Alfresco all the time
Whether you’re hanging in a beach house or holing up at home, be sure to have these local products, as selected by Jennifer Owens of concierge service, on your shelves
School’s out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop new hobbies, take your skills to the next level, or get involved in the community. Here’s a roundup of possibilities for every interest. A brighter, better summer starts now