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5 oz. cold-brew iced coffee, recipe follows

Juice from one lime, about 1¼ oz.

1 oz. lime oleo saccharum, find the recipe


Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Quickly shake for about seven seconds to aerate. Strain and pour over fresh ice.

For the cold-brew iced coffee:

Note: While Mai uses a kimchi fermenter to prevent oxidation during the brewing process at Mercantile and Mash, homebrewers can use a Mason jar.

Using the ratio of one (coffee beans) to 12½ (water) by weight, place a little less than 1½ oz. rinsed whole coffee beans into a rinsed paper filter and tie the top with twine, like a bouquet garni. Add the beans to an 18-oz. Mason jar. Tip: Mai uses Black Tap Coffee’s Finca Nueva Grenada, a Guatemalan coffee that’s “medium- to full-bodied, with hints of chocolate, nuts, and tamarind.”

Fill the Mason jar with water and seal the lid. Set aside in a dark space at room temperature and let brew for 24 hours.

Remove the beans and discard. Refrigerate before serving with ice. Stored in a Mason jar in the fridge, the coffee will keep for two days.