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Secret Garden Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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Colorful blooms are wound into wearable party favors. Photographs (2) by Jennings King

Secret Garden Birthday Party


Blythe Hill of Yoj Events schools us in her easy, DIY flower crowns, a fun party activity for guests of all ages


Written by Melissa Bigner


On a Saturday last spring, Yoj Events owner Blythe Hill and her husband, Martin, threw a party for their daughter Millie’s first birthday. “Birthdays are a big celebration of life,” says the new mom, “and I wanted her first to be filled with joy, bright colors, yummy food, and, most importantly, the people we love and who love her.”


The secret garden motif involved a bit of crafting. Some elements (such as the Italian ruscus-wrapped leads for the over-size balloons and the hand-painted macarons) were tackled beforehand and used as decoration. Others, like the floral crowns, were entertainment. For those, Blythe walked the mothers through a few simple steps, then they coached their daughters along. Here, get tips on the DIY for your own springtime fête.


Easy Flower Crown Entertainment


You will need:*


  • Italian ruscus greenery
  • Pip circlets (order online)
  • Scissors (regular or floral)
  • Florist tape
  • A bucket of hardy blooms in water (ranunculus, spray and garden roses, and smaller peonies work well)
  • Ribbon


* amounts depend on the number of crowns you will make


Tape the Italian ruscus to the circlet, allowing the leaves to sprig out. Affix several strands onto the circlet for a full look. Choose blooms (the amount depends on how dense a crown you wish to have) and snip the stems, leaving an inch or two. Tuck the bloom in between the leaves and tape the flower stem to the crown base. Repeat until you’ve got your desired look. Mix colors, vary sizes, and alternate the directions the blooms face. Tie ribbons to each end of the circlets (see top right), leaving enough to trail. Use them to tie the crown on head.


For step-by-step flower crown instructions from Blythe herself, watch our video here.  


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