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On a Caviar Kick

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Graham Dailey is preparing three special caviar dishes at Peninsula Grill, including the “Chef’s Style” (pictured above) Photographs by Nathan Leach.

September 21, 2017

On a Caviar Kick   
This month, Graham Dailey, executive chef of Peninsula Grill, rolled out a decadent caviar menu—you have 10 more days to indulge!

Written by Hailey Middlebrook

Graham Dailey loves caviar and it shows. This month, Peninsula Grill’s executive chef is offering up three preparations of the delicacy in an effort to make the luxury item more approachable. The special menu ranges from upscale to less formal in both composition and price, and each dish, which serves two to three, may be paired with a beverage for an additional charge.

The “Classic Style” ($150) is a traditional service with Osetra caviar, potato blinis, and classic accouterments of onion, hard-cooked egg, and clabber cream. Dailey’s next creation, dubbed “Charleston Style” ($75), is bright and refreshing: crisp cucumber strips are topped with salty pickled shrimp and crested with caviar—a perfect match for a glass of chilled rosé or sparkling wine.

Finally, the “Chef’s Style” ($40) features a sweet potato chip, a spoonful of caviar, and a dollop of whipped goat cheese. Dailey wanted to make an hors d’oeuvre that had delicious components but didn’t take itself too seriously, he explains. “I’m hoping to show people that they can still enjoy caviar in a more casual way,” he notes. The chef was first introduced to caviar himself at culinary school in France, where he sampled a flight of the delicacy and was struck by its unique taste and texture. “I’ve been on a caviar kick ever since.”   

Learn more about Dailey’s obsession with caviar in this video.

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