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Northern Exposure

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The 2015 North of Spring calendar is a quirky compilation of semi-dressed food and bev folks (left); draped in a flag, Elliotborough Mini Bar owner Anna Faenza heralds the Fourth of July (right). Photographs (2) by Abby Murphy

February 4, 2015

Northern Exposure

A slightly scandalous calendar highlights north side establishments for the good of uptown trees

Written by Jessica Greensmith

Charleston Animal Society got tons of press last month for its irresistible calendar of foxy firemen cuddling rescued critters, but, meanwhile, another local creation flew under the radar.

Pulled together by Recovery Room owner Chris DiMattia and photographer John Sease in four hectic November days, the North of Spring 2015 calendar is a quirky compilation of folks—in varying stages of undress— from 12 of the north side’s finest food and bev joints. From clothes-less, cat-wielding pirates (Cutty’s) to bare-bottomed brewsters (The Recovery Room) and books with their jacketless readers (Faculty Lounge), there’s raucous fun emblazoned all over these pages.

The goal for the project, according to DiMattia, was to build camaraderie in the community. “I wanted to remind people that we’re not all competing against each other. We can have fun and work together,” he explains.

That, and support a great cause. At $10 apiece, the calendar raised more than $2,000, which will pay for the city’s Urban Forestry Division to plant six trees near participating north side establishments this October. DiMattia figured sprucing up neighborhood byways was a “nice, nonpolitical” initiative everyone could comfortably support: “You get to see them start out as saplings and grow to 20 feet. It’s just a good thing!”

Speedy readers have their chance to snag one of 10 remaining copies; stop by Recovery Room (685 King St.) to pick one up today. Otherwise, get ready: next year’s calendar is already in the works, and DiMattia promises it will be even wackier.