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Modern Coastal

Modern Coastal
July 2016
Summer’s sun-bleached wooden docks, lush palms, and sunshine inspired this modern coastal look from Sidney Wagner of Eclectic. She suggests establishing a color palette that references our marshes and shorelines, but upping the vibrancy of the hues, like the super-saturated green of the side table and fabric. Warm, natural fibers balance the more contemporary touches.

Sidney Wagner

Who she is: Owner of Eclectic, an interior-design studio and e-commerce shop

Where you’ve seen her work: The Glitter Guide and Charleston magazine  

On what inspired this look: Wagner loves living by the sea but warns clients not to overdo it with beach-themed décor. This means bypassing clichés like conch shells and buoys. “Instead, pull inspiration from your coastal surroundings through texture, color, and feel,” she says.

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