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Unique, Buzz-Worthy, Intriguing

Unique, Buzz-Worthy, Intriguing
November 2009
these words aptly describe the following individuals, who—through their professions, their passions, or both—are making headlines, stirring the pot, inspiring others, and generally adding character to this city we love to call home.

Meet 14 fascinating locals—the 15th is up to you

Farrah Hoffmore

Freewheelin' Farmer

Brian Barrie

The Joker

Angela Chvarak

Performance Artist

Eddie White

Music Man

Harriet Smartt

Stealth Activist

Noah Everett

Tech Savant

Andy Savage

Star Defense

Marcus Amaker

Tuned In

Jenny Sanford

Grace Under Fire

Sidi Limehouse

Rural Renegade

Alison Piepmeier

Grrrl Power


Raving Cook

Mahwish McIntosh

Language Artist

Dr. Kathleen Brady

Top R&D Doc

Readers’ Choice

Those selected will appear in an upcoming issue.