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Treasure This

Treasure This
March 2016
Local jewelry designers—each with her own signature style—are creating gorgeous, heirloom- worthy adornments in gold, silver, and even glass

Victorian Industrial
Jenny Thompson mixes gems, such as pave diamonds, opals, moonstones, and more, with vulcanized rubber, oxidized silver, and horn to a feminine yet edgy effect

Crown Jewels
Goldsmith Sarah Amos crafts 22K gold and rare and precious stones into contemporary works fit for royalty  

Natural Wonders
Kate Rothra Fleming translates organic forms into beautifully unique glass accessories

Earthly Pleasures
Angela Hall sets exotic gemstones into handcrafted sterling silver and other fine metals to create one-of-kind necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, and more

Perfectly Imperfect
Christina Jervey sculpts metals and precious gems in wax to form organic shapes for rings, pendants, cuffs, and more