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Tommy Heinemann

Tommy Heinemann
July 2010
The 23-year-old Charleston Battery forward kicks around thoughts on music, relationships, and the sport he’s played since age four



On a Roll:
“I spend a lot of time with the soccer ball. As a kid, I was taught: ‘If you only have 15 or 20 minutes, get out and work with it.’”





Music Man:
“I went to Mexico on a mission trip when I was 16, and all the local men played guitar. When I got home, I bought acoustic and electric guitars at a garage sale. Several years ago, I purchased this Takamine from my youth pastor.”



In the Lead:
“My relationship with God is essential to me. Reading my Bible and learning more will come first throughout my life.”



Field of Dreams:
“This is my favorite soccer team’s flag. I trained at Liverpool’s practice facilities, and it was amazing.”



Love & Marriage:
“I met my fiancée, Katrina Mancuso, in school at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. I can’t wait until we get married in November!”



Key Play:
“I use my laptop to e-mail with friends and family and keep up with the latest soccer news.”


For Kicks:
“I love playing poker—I’m a big Texas Hold’em guy. I started playing cards in high school, when my friends would get together on weekends and have big tournaments.”





Join the Club:
“Golf is like an addiction. If you play once, you’ll want to play twice. It’s so relaxing and beautiful out on the course.”


Can’t Live Without: “Music. I write songs and recorded A Cable of Perfection with a band called Stones Cry Out.”

Good Sport: “When I’m on the field, it’s like nothing else really matters and I’ve escaped to another world.”

Future Goals: “I hope to play soccer for as long as possible and see myself always being involved with the sport—through coaching for example.”

Buying Time: “I only shop when Katrina visits, but my favorite clothing store is Gap—they have a good sale rack.”