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Time, Worn

Time, Worn
September 2009
What's in store for fashion, decor, and high-tech toys

Time, Worn: Season a contemporary wardrobe with vintage accessories well worth reviving.

1. Basic
An oversize take on the ageless knot design, these gold-tone earrings from the disco age are subtle enough to tie in with workaday wear. $15 at Estella Vitae

2. Artsy
Glam housewives of the 1950s hosted Judy Lee Jewelry parties at home. Channel their retro glitz with this brooch and clip earrings set glittering in art glass and crystal. $165 from Lori Wyatt Vintage Collection

3. Hipster
For five-plus decades, this Cleopatra-style necklace from the Monet jewelry line has been causing drama with an edgy combination of spear-like studs and asymmetrical rectangles ashine in a glossy gold finish.$50 at

4. Exclusive
From 1970s chic to 21st-century classic: this quilted gold- tone bracelet dangles its Chanel logo daintily from the clasp. $700 from Library Archives of Fashion

5. Splurge
This circa-1970s Art Deco revival platinum brooch steals the show with a 15.24 ct. emerald-cut aquamarine surrounded by emeralds, leaf-shaped sapphires, and pear-shaped aquamarines. $18,000 at Joint Venture