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Through his recently launched Palisades Modern Millwork, Jeff Daws brings character to bare walls of residential and commercial spaces

Through his recently launched Palisades Modern Millwork, Jeff Daws brings character to bare walls of residential and commercial spaces
July 2022

Discover what inspired Daws to launch his new business designing and installing unique wall treatments

Jeff Daws, founder of the recently launched Palisades Modern Millwork.

When Jeff Daws looks at a wall in your house, he doesn’t see a place to hang paintings. He sees a canvas for his art. 

Daws recently founded Palisades Modern Millwork, designing and installing “noteworthy, handcrafted designer wall treatments” in residential and commercial spaces. It started when he and his wife, textile designer Emily Daws, moved into their new John’s Island home and wanted to add character to its blank slate. She had an idea for a repeating gardenia pattern, traditionally used for wallpaper. Daws has a long and varied background in fabrication, construction, and design, including 10 years in the signage business. Could he create the textile print in wood? 

The couple conceptualized and installed the “Folly” wall treatment in their loft and liked it so much they finished four more walls in quick order, all in different styles. Stepping back and admiring their work, Emily said, “The options are endless. I think we might be onto something.” That led to a lot of discussion, which culminated late last year when Daws launched Palisades.

Daws and his wife installed the ”Gardenia” design (left) in their new home; Another wall accent design “Folly” (right).

After sharing their work on Instagram, Daws quickly acquired his first clients, who were excited about the collaborative process and willing to get creative. Positive reviews spread by word of mouth, and now, six months later, business is booming. Not only is Daws lining up new clients, but he’s also getting repeat customers. “That’s how we’re going to grow,” he says. “Neighbor by neighbor.”

Through Palisades, Daws’s goal is to bring a “fresh perspective and artisanal twist to the traditional millwork craft.” He has created a growing portfolio of designs for customers to choose from, and he’s willing to work with clients to create an original piece, such as a design inspired by the diamonds of the Ravenel Bridge. Although his company is new, he has recently introduced all-inclusive kits to be shipped to those outside of the Charleston area. “We will custom tailor a wall treatment to our customer’s specifications and ship it directly to them to install,” he explains. 

Daws uses a range of wood species from pine to premium hardwoods, such white oak and walnut, but some projects call for medium density fiberboard for its range of custom applications. 

Daws artistic wooden wall accents, the “Ravenel” (left), the “Hampton” (right).

This summer, Daws aims to launch a home decor line featuring the elements he uses in his wall treatments. “We plan to design a collection of floating shelves, headboards, and framed wall accents,” he says.  

Daws finds inspiration in Charleston’s iconic iron work, masonry, foliage, and local landmarks. Whatever the design, it’s always with the goal of “creating unique focal points, which double as original art installations.”

By the Numbers

  • Months in business:
  • Walls completed: 30
  • Price for a custom treatment: $1,500
  • Days to install: 1-3
  • Projects at a time (includes consultation, material acquisition, design, proofing, and installation): 10