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Sweetgrass Tree Ornaments

Sweetgrass Tree Ornaments
December 2008

Thinking this isn’t the year for glitz and glam? We, too, found ourselves craving a return to the holidays’ more homespun roots. And luckily, we didn’t have to look far. Walk down city streets and you’ll find children selling gifts made from palm fronds; follow Highway 17 and pass the storied sweetgrass basket stands. As it turns out, ornaments crafted from these natural materials are perfect for infusing a bit of local heritage into your Christmas festivities. Not all sweetgrass basketmakers craft ornaments, but the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival staff is happy to help you locate those who do. Reach them at (843) 856-9732, (843) 971-3564, or by logging on to As for the palm frond pieces, just take a stroll through the Battery or the Market and you’re bound to run into a young entrepreneur or two.