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Suit Yourself!

Suit Yourself!
June 2016
In this month’s “Scouting Report,” see our favorite men’s swimsuits in playful colors and patterns—and where to find them

1. Duvin Design Company cotton ”Green Palm” swimsuit, $68 at Las Olas

2. Duvin Design Company polyester and spandex ”Colada Short,” $68 at Las Olas

3. United by Blue recycled polyester and spandex ”Confluence” boardshorts in ”green cross dot,” $68 at Hooley

4. Polo Ralph Lauren nylon ”Traveler” swimsuit in ”fiesta orange,” $70 at Belk Men’s Store, Mount Pleasant Towne Centre

5. Southern Tide polyester ”Prep Stripe Water Short,” $85 at M. Dumas & Sons 

6. Volcom polyester ”Liberation Slinger” boardshorts in ”navy paint,” $60 at Channels