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On The Run

On The Run
February 2012
With this month's Go Red! 5K, Stephanie Carter spreads awareness about heart disease - and honors her mom

Stephanie Carter’s life changed in November 2007, when her mother, age 47, died of a heart attack. “She hadn’t shown any recognizable symptoms,” says Carter. “Although in hindsight, they were probably there.”

Robin Seay had a family history of heart disease. She was also overweight, smoked, and didn’t exercise or maintain a healthy diet. “Through my mom’s death, I learned that heart disease can start early in life and strike at any age,” notes Carter. “I was determined that the best way to honor her was to learn from what had happened and make positive changes in my life. Heart disease is largely preventable, after all.”

She became an avid runner, soon realizing that no 5K was held in Charleston for the American Heart Association. And so in 2011, she launched the Go Red! Heart 5K Run & Walk, attracting nearly 500 participants and raising $10,000. Carter hopes that this month’s event will double those numbers—and multiply locals’ awareness of heart disease.

Go Red! Heart 5K Run & Walk:

Saturday, February 11, 9 a.m.; Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina Pavilion, 20 Patriots Point Blvd., Mount Pleasant. $35-$25 adult; $35-$15 child under 15. (843) 792-1414,


Concerned about your cardiovascular health? Make an appointment at one of these facilities

Roper St. Francis Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation Center, Roper Hospital
Newly opened on January 5, this center not only provides rehabilitation to heart patients but also helps those at risk for heart disease reach personal goals through supervised exercise, nutrition counseling, education, and more. 316 Calhoun St., (843) 402-2273,

Seinsheimer Cardiovascular Health Program, Medical University of South Carolina
This one-stop shop offers a full range of preventive cardiology services, including cardiovascular exams, nutrition counseling, weight management, exercise advice, and more. MUSC Ashley River Tower, 25 Courtenay Dr., (843) 792-1414,