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On the Rocks

On the Rocks
July 2010
Cool ways to put a freeze on summer swelter

1. Citrus Sippers, featuring an ice cube tray and two straws, $9 at Out of Hand  2. Cool Shooters, for creating frozen shot glasses, $12 at Out of Hand  3. Reusable ice cubes in the shape of sea creatures, $13 at World Market for set of 12 with six drink stirrers and a cocktail shaker  4. Fred “Gin & Titonic” ice cube tray, yielding four ocean liners and four icebergs, $9.50 at Gwynn’s of Mt. Pleasant  5. Citrus ice cube tray in orange, $6 at Charleston Cooks!  6. Reusable ice cubes, $3 for set of 30 at Bed Bath & Beyond  7. GalPal retro “Martini” and “Happy Face” ice bags, $14 each at Francesca’s Collections  8. Numbers ice tray, $12 at Charleston Cooks!  9. Whiskey Rocks that can be frozen and used to chill beverages, $21 at Out of Hand