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Moira Gil John

Moira Gil John
July 2009
Raised in Argentina among a family of surfers, this free spirit finds balance in the ocean, creative expression in the art studio, and satisfaction in teaching others to share her passions.



Steeped in Tradition: “One of my favorite things in the world is mate, an Argentine drink. I like to have it after surfing. It reminds me of my roots.”



Stepping Out: “I bought these shoes in the city of Bhuj in India. They are handmade, and I find them so beautiful.”



Water Work: Moira is the senior photographer for Surf Carolina magazine. “I use this housing for my camera when I’m in the water taking surf shots.”



Carrying a Tune: Moira’s collection of instruments includes a portable Indian harmonium. “I bring it to drum circles and also play it as a form of meditation.”



Like a Pro: “I wear a really good Mercola Healthy Skin sunscreen that some of the best surfers in the world use. I like to take care of myself the natural way.”



Precious Metals: “I know I’m a hippie girl, but I do love jewelry. These rings are antiques that I bought on the Pakistan border.”



Artistic Inclination: In the off-season, Moira paints and teaches creative expression classes in her studio, where, she says, “I’ve accomplished things I never thought I could.”


Family Legacy: “My dad pioneered surfing in Argentina when he brought three surfboards back from Peru in 1963. My seven sisters, two brothers, and I grew up in the water.”

Outdoor Activities: “I’m a city shrimper. I love to go to Waterfront Park and throw out my cast net.”

Keeping the Peace: “I meditate for at least five minutes a day, and I try to practice yoga twice a week.”

Can’t Live Without: Her husband, Chris, who she met while surfing in Bali, and their dogs, Toro and Koa

Heat Seeker: “I lived an endless summer for 10 years, traveling everywhere I could to avoid winter.”