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Mix Up Champagne Cocktails

Mix Up Champagne Cocktails
March 2009
Six creative ways to blend your bubbly

Six creative ways to blend your bubblyKeep your cool with these cocktail tips:

Think beyond the mimosa or Bellini and create inventive Champagne mixers:

Cherry Champagne: Add two splashes of cherry brandy Champagne Julep: Add one teaspoon sugar muddled with a splash of water and fresh mint leaves Poinsettia: Mix in cranberry juice and a splash of triple sec Strawberry Champagne: Combine two cups diced strawberries with one tablespoon sugar, spoon into flute, then pour Champagne over top. Sunshine Spritzer: Add equal parts Chambord and Bacardi Limon shakenover ice Tropicale: Add mango nectar and a splash of pineapple juice

A note about Bloody Marys:

Premix and pour into a pitcher over ice so your guests can serve themselves. Don’t forget garnishes like celery, limes, and olives.