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Mickey Bakst

Mickey Bakst
December 2010
The general manager of Charleston Grill—recently named one of America’s top five maître d’s—and founder of Charleston Chefs Feed the Need talks love, ice cream, and good grooming



Duly Noted:
"On the first anniversary of George Harrison's death, Eric Clapton directed a concert in London featuring 20 of his friends. The love that came from those instruments was unbelievable."



Write of Passage:
"My dad and I had a tough relationship, but he died my best friend. My most valuable possession is this letter—he wrote one to each of his kids before his death. I read it every day."



Cool Customers:
"In 1982, I turned to Ben & Jerry's while getting sober and ate it daily for 15 years. Now, Hefner likes to eat it with me, so we sit on the couch with two spoons."





In a Lather:
"Ellen gave me a kit by The Art of Shaving as a present, and it's absolutely phenomenal. I like that shaving with a brush slows me down. It's peaceful."




Photographic Memory:
"This is my favorite picture of my wife and me. It was taken years ago, but it always reminds me of our love."




Presidential Connection:
"An MUSC doctor who works with the White House got me these cuff links with Barack's signature on the back. Regardless of your politics, you can't help but think, 'That's pretty great!'"




Quite the Pear:
"I bought this Robert Lange piece for my wife and had it placed in the gallery window with a card that said, 'Merry Christmas, Ellen, my love.' Then I walked her past it."




Style Leader:
"I love my blue Zegna suit—it's classy. When I wear it with a white French-cuff shirt and my presidential cuff links, I'm ready to take on the world!"

The Dish:

On the Job: "If I weren't a maître d, I'd be doing charity work, trying to take Feed the Need national and better help others."
Man's Must-Have: "A partner. I wish I'd recognized it earlier. You're not able to really achieve your greatness until you find someone to take the ride with you."
Sharper Image: "I like for my watches and my glasses to go with my outfits. I think it's important to present yourself well."