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Make Potato Latkes

Make Potato Latkes
Holidays mean special dishes, and when talking about Hanukkah, that can only be one thing: potato pancakes.

Known as “latkes,” this traditional Jewish food is fried in oil and eaten during the Feast of Dedication to symbolize the miracle that took place during the rededication of the Holy Temple in the second century B.C., when one day’s supply of oil lasted for eight nights. These delicious bites are simple to prepare—especially if you follow the instructions of kosher caterer Marcie Rosenberg of Dining In, Inc.

❶ Purée the onions, eggs, and two-thirds of the potatoes to a slightly chunky consistency.
❷ Use a grating blade to grate the other third of potatoes, and stir them into the purée.
❸ When you’re ready to cook your latkes, make sure the oil fills the skillet to half an inch deep.
❹ Shape the potato mixture in your hands. Each latke should be a four-inch by two-inch oval, like a small pancake. You will need to continue mixing the batter while waiting to put another batch in the pan.
❺ When frying, make sure one side is fully brown before flipping.
❻ Latkes may be served with sour cream, cottage cheese, or, for a sweeter take, try them with applesauce.