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Join the Circus

Join the Circus
January 2014
Shape up with Aerial Fit’s high-flying apparatus  

Last summer, the Circus Building came to town. Just off St. Andrews Boulevard in West Ashley, ringleaders Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson had a former warehouse outfitted with aerial silks, slings, and hoops; trapezes; and more. The idea? To have a dedicated space where the area’s growing troupe of aerial artists could train and perform, with community members able to exercise through Aerial Fit classes.

Yes, that means swinging, twirling, and flying. But beginners get started low to the ground. “As strength, technique, and comfort levels build, you start going higher,” explains Anderson, who has been teaching aerial yoga since 2009.

Incorporating a fabric hammock, aerial yoga is just one of the classes offered to beginners and advanced students. The daily Aerial Fit lineup includes a Circus Sampler, plus courses on specific apparatus, those tailored to kids, and more. “Aerial arts put you in amazing shape and engage your mind, leaving you brave and empowered,” says Anderson. Sounds like the perfect way to meet those New Year’s goals sans treadmill.

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