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Jason Robbins

Jason Robbins
October 2010
This avid cyclist and enthusiastic businessman gets in gear with good friends and family, simple indulgences, and a spunky sidekick





Reader’s Digest:
The Week is my bible,” he says of this weekly magazine that features articles from U.S. and international media.


Spin City:
“There are bikes everywhere in my house. I got into cycling via a running injury that took me to the pool, all of which led to triathlons.”








Insect Repellent:
"We bought this French 18th-century hand-painted bathtub in an antiques store in Washington, D.C."



Family Portrait:
“No one really knows my brother, Jon, as an artist except for me, but he’s always been into art. I love his painting of Woody Guthrie.”


Clay Play:
For a while, Jason took pottery classes with some friends. “I made these pieces to be functional, though it seems I break one on a bimonthly rate.”



Fur Coats:
Jason admits that Jamie has more style than he does. “He gets cold, so he’s got his own wardrobe—some jackets, sweaters, and running clothes.”



Face Plant:
“My dad is into garden gnomes and lawn ornaments, and he found this silly tree face for me. It adds a little humor to a yard that’s in need of both character and grass.”


Top Notes: “I listen to a lot of music around the house—in heavy rotation are JJ Cale, John Prine, and throwback Tom Petty,” says Jason, a self-dubbed “shuffle” person.
Stepping Out: “I don’t like to shop—I don’t have the patience for it—but if I had to go, I’d buy shoes.”
Dinner Dash: Jason grocery shops daily. “I don’t like planning in advance what I’m going to eat for the entire week.”