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How to Wear Statement tights

How to Wear Statement tights
November 2015
Bold hosiery is everywhere right now­—work it into your look

Judy Brown, Stylist & Merchandise Specialist, Out of Hand
“When wearing a middy-length skirt, keep your bottom half tonal, or match tights to a complementary color on your top. With shorter skirts, there’s more room to play, so try contrasting colors and bold designs.”

Cynthia Washburn- Nester, VP of Fashion & Trend, Belk
”Let your personal style show through. If you desire a long, lean silhouette, you might choose to stay with solids versus cutting up your line with a pattern.”

Emma Baker, manager, Copper Penny Shooz
”An ankle boot is the best way to show off this trend’s detailing. For a more layered look, statement tights look great peeking above a combo of thigh-high socks and knee-high boots.”