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How to Wear Plaid

How to Wear Plaid
August 2014
Tips from pros on working the pattern into your fall look

Katrena Luoni, Visual stylist
“It‘s best to wear one plaid item at a time, but the McQ look works because the lines are simple and the print is big. If you have it in you, play it edgy like Gwen Stefani with some ankle-length trousers, killer heels, and a white blouse. Otherwise, go ultra preppy old-school. Think Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren.”

Emily Durlach, Owner/Buyer, Christian Michi
“Wearing multiple plaid pieces can be great on the runway. In real life, on real bodies, it can be overkill. Pick a top or a bottom. If you want to kick it up, do one more piece, but keep it small—like a clutch or scarf—and don’t match the plaids. This print can be super manly, so pair it with more feminine pieces.”