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How to Wear Cropped Pants

How to Wear Cropped Pants
November 2014
Men in the know are at odds about the new guys’ trend—read on and decide for yourself

Marshall simon, Proprietor, Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant
“Men’s things don’t change that much, so it’s nice to see new trends like this contemporary, cropped pant emerge. These pants should fall right around the ankle and be worn without socks. On top, I suggest a slimming, body-conscious jacket or a sweater jacket in a fitted material.”

Cator sparks, editor-in-chief, the manual
“I’m not a fan. It’s too Pee-wee Herman for me. If you must, must do it, just have your tailor do a mini-crop. It’s fun to show off a bit of a colorful sock, but I bet you are going to be tossing those pants in two seasons when the trend is over.”