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Glove Game

Glove Game
December 2019

Check out these options for keeping your hands toasty and stylish this season

1. Rhodes Boutique embroidered multicolor gloves, $25 at Rhodes Boutique 

2. Jay Ley faux suede gloves with pom-poms, $19 at Out of Hand 

3. Gretchen Scott “Amato“ Italian leather gloves, $129 at Gretchen Scott 

4. Loro Piana “Guanto Jacqueline“suede gloves, $650 at Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant 

5. Echo ruched velvet gloves, $33 at Out of Hand

Warm & Fuzzy - You’re sure to feel cozy when you pull on this pair of Linda Richards angora ”Pom-Pom“ gloves ($94 at Lori + Lulu).