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Get Out

Get Out
October 2009
Our lowcountry guide to exploring the great outdoors

Humidity? Gone. Milder temps? Here. Say ahhh—for autumn, that is—and head outside for Charleston’s coolest season. Fall in the Lowcountry signals a return to outdoor living—and playing. In these pages, we’ve gathered the best spots for fresh-air fun; just choose your adventure and go!


One morning each spring, upwards of 30,000 people lace up for the Cooper River Bridge Run, creating a snaking 6.2-mile ribbon of humanity. But where do all these bodies run, walk, and hike the rest of the year? Just about everywhere, from Broad Street and the Battery to local beaches and forests


With just a handful of roads and bridges marked with bicycle lanes, Charleston isn’t a cycler’s dream town—yet. But there’s a growing community of people who pedal here, and if you know where to go, the scenery can make for extraordinary rides



In the Lowcountry, canoes and kayaks are our hiking boots, and the marshes are our mountains. Instead of bagging peaks, a pluff mud explorer’s reward lies in miles of tranquil, watery savannahs and the wildlife that inhabits them



With seemingly endless countryside and coastlines, the Lowcountry has plenty of places to giddyup and go. So whether you prefer casual jaunts on a trail, romantic rides on the beach, or proper hunter/jumper shows, mount up to explore the region’s wild side


Charleston’s public playgrounds and green spaces offer up kid-friendly zones aplenty. Pack play clothes and lots of energy,then let their sense of fun and imagination take care of the rest