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Gear Up & Go!

Gear Up & Go!
October 2012
Maximize your workout with these sporty accessories

1. Hightech: Wahoo’s “Blue HR” heart rate strap connects wirelessly to the iPhone 4S, sending real-time exercise data to a free fitness app. It’ll also communicate with favorite apps like MapMyRide. $80 at The Extra Mile

2. Splurge: Log details on distance, pace, and more with Garmin’s touch screen, GPS-enabled “Forerunner 610.” It comes with a heart rate monitor and a USB stick so you can map your activity using the Garmin Connect web program. $400 at TrySports

3. Hipster: Hike right with Camelbak’s “Delaney Plus” waist pack, which comes with a water bottle, gel flask, and a pocket for storing your phone and other necessities. $40 at Time Out Sport & Ski

4. Basic: Send the metal plate on this silicone athletic bracelet to Road ID to have it engraved with your name, important details on medical history, and emergency contact information. $16 at TrySports

5. Exclusive: Don’t let chilly temps take a toll on your figure: stay warm in “Brisk Run Gloves” with wicking fabric, touch screen-friendly fingertips, and reflective piping. $28 at lululemon athletica