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For the Gents

For the Gents
March 2019

Playful colors and motifs enliven men’s spring formal wear

1. Stenströms silk “Bicycles Motif Hankie,” $65 at Jordan Lash 

2. R. Hanauer silk bow tie, $65 at Grady Ervin & Co. 

3. Bellinzona skull and crossbones cuff links, $70 at M. Dumas & Sons 

4. Smathers & Branson “Microdot Needlepoint Cuff Links,” $50 at Out of Hand 

5. Brackish “Clovis” feather pocket square, $85 at Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant 

6. Ike Behar “Dandy” boutonnieres in cobalt/pink, aqua, and red, $45 each at Ike Behar


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