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Fleet Feat

Fleet Feat
November 2017

Keith Hanson attempts an incredible journey

If running 300 miles in three days sounds crazy, it’s because it’s next to impossible—elite athletes have accomplished such goals, but typically in controlled environments, such as on a track. From November 2 to 5, local biologist Keith “Wildman” Hanson hopes to make history with his Running for Rivers endeavor, a 72-hour route from Cleveland, South Carolina, to Folly Beach that roughly follows the path of rivers flowing from the mountains to the sea.

Hanson partnered with American Rivers, a nonprofit protecting waterways. “The goal of my run is to get people to say, ‘Whoa, what would make somebody want to do that?’” explains Hanson. “Then hopefully they’ll donate or take the time to learn about the importance of rivers to our state.”

As the source of most of our drinking water, rivers have a strong advocate in Hanson, who began running in 2012 but has since completed three 100-mile races. Nausea, blisters, and sleep deprivation could still stand in the way of success. “A hundred things can go wrong in an effort like this, but the biggest is believing that you can’t continue,” he says.

Support Hanson’s feat—and check for details on a finish-line celebration—at


Photograph courtesy of Keith Hanson