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Fine Tuned

Fine Tuned
November 2011
You’ll never miss a beat with these tech-savvy headphones

1. Hipster: With an industrial design informed by 1970s hi-fi stereo equipment,
Eskuché’s “33iBB” headphones feature ear cups modeled after the texture of vinyl records. $69 at Urban Outfitters

2. Exclusive: Dolce & Gabbana partnered with Skullcandy on this aviator-style pair with optics-inspired polycarbonate speaker housing. Better put them on the top of your wish list, as a limited number will be sold. $195 at

3. Basic: Great for taking tunes on the go, the “Solo HD” headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre for Monster are ultra-light, with a tri-fold design for easy storage. They can also be used for hands-free calling on an iPhone. $200 at Best Buy

4. Splurge: Designed to resemble the wings of a butterfly, Ultrasone’s “Edition 10” headphones are luxuriously outfitted with Ethiopian sheepskin leather, ruthenium metal, zebrano wood, and top sound technology. $2,749 at Guitar Center

5. Artsy: UrbanEars’ “Plattan Plus” headphones boast an Apple-certified microphone and remote, as well as a built-in “Zound Plug” that lets friends listen with you. If blue isn’t your hue, check out pairs in cerise, grey, and purple. $60 at Apple