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Craft a Salvage Shop Coat Rack

Craft a Salvage Shop Coat Rack
October 2008

Get your entryway ready for the onslaught of jackets, scarves, and backpacks with a coatrack made from salvaged shoe molds and an artist board (available pre-cut at art supply stores). Troll local antiques markets for intriguing shoe molds—you’ll likely find examples ranging from polished to well-worn. Stain or paint your board, attach shoe molds to serve as hooks, then add framed photos or artwork to dress it up (we used 1950s-era black-and-white photos in small gilt frames on one, vintage fashion sketches in wooden ovals on another).

DIY Coatrack

Materials: Artist board, sandpaper, stain or latex paint, paintbrush, salvaged shoe molds, drill, screws, picture frames, photos or artwork, nails, hammer, and sawtooth hangers First: Sand artist board. Apply stain or paint according to directions. Then: Drill two holes in bottom of shoe mold. Place on board in desired position and make a mark where holes meet the board. Repeat for each shoe mold. Drill holes in board where you’ve made marks. Drill screws through the back of the board and into the shoe mold. Finish: Frame favorite photos or images printed from the Internet. Decide where you want to position frames on the board, then hammer small nail in at those places. On the back of the board, center two sawtooth hangers and nail them in. Hang board on the wall, then hang framed photos on the board.