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Charleston's 40 Most Influential Visual Artists (1670-2015)

Charleston's 40 Most Influential Visual Artists (1670-2015)
May 2015
Artists have made an indelible impact on the culture of the Holy City, from European-born portraitists who brought their skills to the fledgling colony to painters documenting epic battles of the Civil War; from the etchers and sculptors who led the Charleston Renaissance to creatives defining the present scene. Here, we list 30 important artists throughout the city’s history and ask you to help select the final 10 from among the diverse talent witnessed today

And The Winners Are...

In May, we presented “Charleston’s 40 Most Influential Artists (1670-2015)” and asked readers to help select the final 10 via an online vote. Nearly 2,300 people weighed in with their picks, and the results are in! Because we gave a list of 29 artists to vote on, plus a write-in option—we offer two top-10 lists, those suggested in our sidebar and those written in.

Top 10 Suggested Artists:

1. Mary Whyte

2. West Fraser

3. John Carroll Doyle

4. Mary Edna Fraser

5. Jack Alterman

6. Jill Hooper

7. Eva Carter

8. David Boatwright

9. Robert Lange

10. William McCullough

Top 10 Write-In Artists:

1. Betty Anglin Smith

2. John Duckworth

3. Stephen Elliott Webb

4. Bruno Civitico

5. Lynne Riding

6. Anne Worsham Richardson

7. Molly B. Right

8. Marty Whaley Adams

9. Nathan Durfee

10. Rhett Thurman