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Charleston Influencers Menswear - Gary Flynn

Charleston Influencers Menswear - Gary Flynn
November 2019


Gary Flynn - President & CEO, M. Dumas & Sons

First Retail Job: I worked part-time for Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza in Southern California while going to college. What kept me in retail was the energy, the pace, and the values at the company. The rest came later—the love of product, the art and the science, the trends.

His Style, Defined: On trend, but not trendy. I like to be one of the first on a new brand or trend, but I interpret it for me. What I wear is a reflection of who I am—not vice versa.

A Century of Success: There is a vibe in our store, an energy that you feel when you walk in. Good music, good location, great brands, an amazing team, and 102 years of Dumas leadership all have contributed to the magic here at the corner of King and Society!

Fall & Winter Must-Have: A great sport coat that’s made just for you. It’s intoxicating to wear a garment that no one else in the world has.

On His Wish List: More quality time with my family. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. I also enjoy a beautiful cashmere sweater from Fedeli—just saying!

Coming Soon: Performance fabrics. They’re showing up in all kinds of interesting places—suits, dress trousers, dress shirts, and belts, just to name a few.

Stay Tuned: We opened our second location in Mount Pleasant in 2018, and this year we opened our online store. Now you can shop with us 24/7 from anywhere in the United States.

M. Dumas & Sons
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