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Bee Beautiful

Bee Beautiful
February 2011
Honey-based products worth buzzing about

1. {Exclusive}

Savannah Bee Company’s body butter takes the sting out of parched skin with some of the same substances put to work in beehives: royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, and honey. $25 at Whole Foods

2. {Basic}

Take advantage of the nourishing qualities inherent to honey with Perlier’s luxurious bath and shower cream. $19.50 at Good Scents

3. {Hipster}

Honig Seife’s Swiss-made, honey-based hand soaps are a natural fit for the powder room. $7 each at Stella Nova

4. {Artsy}

Paint on Farmhouse Fresh’s honey heel glaze, which is enriched with aloe juice and pineapple and papaya extracts. $24 at Urban Nirvana

5. {Splurge}

This foaming honey bath soak from the Almond Coconut Milk Collection by Laura Mercier comes complete with a hive-shaped wooden dipper, setting the stage for sweet relaxation. $40 at Bluemercury