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Band Leaders

Band Leaders
August 2010
Take your look over the top with these statement-making headbands

1 { SPLURGE } Crown yourself with this sparkler, featuring Swarovski crystals hand-stitched to raw-edged silk chiffon that’s meant to fray gracefully with wear. $595 at

2 { BASIC } Sequined flowers bloom on a velvet-covered headband, making Sarah Jane Designs’ sunny creation the star of any ensemble. $30 at Poe Studio

3 { ARTSY } Give wing to chic, confident style with this flight of fancy made from guinea feathers. $30 at i heart

4 { HIPSTER } Metallic and rhinestone embellishments on black felt imbue this feminine accessory with a tough edge. $65 at Phyllis

5 { EXCLUSIVE } With hot pink feathers tied into a bow, this Lindsay Margaret adornment conjures the exuberant flair of the flapper era. $66 at Aster Hall