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August 2012

August 2012
August 2012
Shape Shift: Update your interiors with the geometric trends

1. (Splurge) When it’s time for cocktails, untuck the smaller partner in this glamorous pair of Mandarin gold leaf nesting tables with mirrored tops by World’s Away. $819 at Candelabra

2. (Exclusive) Picture Oscar Yague’s 12-sided Senet Zinc Dodecahedrons adding elemental intrigue and modern dimension to an historic mantel or traditional bookshelf. $320 for pair at Michael Mitchell Gallery       

3. (Hipster) Cool frosted color plus on-trend hexagonal form add up to make this “Honeycomb” glass pendant shade a bright idea for spotlighting a dim corner or seating area. $69 at

4. (Basic) Looking for a substitute to framed art work? Arrange a few accents on San Miguel’s 27.5-inch-tall, solid wood “Tawny” wall shelf, and you’ve got a shapely display for a steal. $30 at Bed Bath & Beyond

5. (Artsy) Though blooms are hardly needed to make these glass vases a funky focal point, their ruby hue offers endless opportunities for dramatic contrasts with petals of all colors. $64 (14.5 inch) & $49 (12 inch) at GDC