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Attend GrowFood Carolinas Mushroom Gathering

When you order an arugula salad or a bowl of Charlestonmade ice cream, there’s a good chance that GrowFood Carolina helped get those ingredients to your plate. Since its inception in 2011, the food hub has become ubiquitous in restaurant kitchens—it’s an integral part of weekly ordering. By serving as a liaison between farmers and chefs, GrowFood has made it easy to source locally.

There’s no better time to visit GrowFood than the Mushroom Gathering, held each October at its warehouse on Morrison Drive. The event challenges chefs and brewers to incorporate fungi into their offerings, making it one of the most unique—and memorably delicious—of Charleston’s dining events. Tickets sell out in advance, but the abundance of obligatory magic mushroom jokes continue until the last “fun guy” heads home.