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Stratton Lawrence

The tourists of our warm-weather waters are back; do you know what to do—and not do—if you spy a manatee?

Maga Design helps military and corporate clients visualize complex info

Writer Stratton Lawrence and his photographer wife, Hunter McRae, find an ideal winter escape on Elbow Cay, a Bahamian haven for Charlestonians since 1785

Southern Smoke’s cigar lounge has quickly become a hot commodity

Local kids head to code camp

When professor Marc Regnier isn’t training the next generation of classical guitarists, he’s recording with the greats 

A local company helps keep the wooden boat tradition afloat

A home-improvement newbie on the trials and errors of his first fixer-upper

“I’d go to the beach every day if I lived here!” How many times have you heard that from a visiting friend? No matter the abundance of sun and sand, or the storied plantations and natural expanses waiting to be explored, the demands of everyday life tend to prevail over carefree fun. But they don’t have to. Take the time—be it a day, a weekend, or even a week—to revel in the prime destination that is your hometown. Whether playing tourist or indulging in more insider activities, you can make any day a vacation via these 40 ideas

Hearts & Plugs incubates Charleston’s next musical standouts

40 Ideas to Better Yourself—and Your City—in 2015

Sculptor Matt Wilson welds found objects into whimsical creations

Locals redesign the classic swing

Borboleto Audio Mastering polishes music to perfection

Each Turkey Day, the Draytons return to their ancestral estate

On the water (and in the air) with Chucktown’s own pro kiteboarder, Davey Blair

Cozmo's always up for adventures, or a nap, or both

Charleston has gone to the dogs—in the best ways possible. Meet eight local pups who are loving life in our Fido-friendly town and pick up some tips on where to hang with your own best friend or adopt a new one!

Boo X and General II hold court at The Citadel

Zephyr, the sailing spaniel