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  • April 2014

    Have limited space in your yard? Tired of the same old terra cotta pots? Garden editor Joan McDonald teaches us how to get creative, and crafty, with three do-it-yourself container gardening projects

  • April 2014

    Give plain clay pots botanical pizzazz with this easy cast-leaf project

  • April 2014

    Recycle unwanted silver-plate pieces or garage-sale finds into interesting and elegant containers

  • November 2013

    A trifecta of vibrant, easy-to-grow annuals add gorgeous color to the winter garden

  • August 2013

    Thanks to an enterprising young woman, the Lowcountry enjoyed a short but lucrative stint exporting Indigofera tinctoria—and the beautiful blue dye extracted from its leaves—before the plant all but disappeared from our fields.

  • April 2013

    Banking powerhouse Darla Moore is plowing new fields and putting her money where her boots are—on the ground

  • February 2013

    Plant nasturtium seeds this month for a punch of color in the garden and a peppery bite on the plate

  • February 2013

    Restoring the historic camellias of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

  • January 2013

    Feeling cooped up? Don’t despair. Bring the outdoors in with these easy-to-grow ferns. And they’ll transfer nicely to your yard come spring

  • March 2009

    What are some of the main players in the Wagener Terrace space? Joan and Chad McDonald list their garden’s standouts

  • October 2008

    Camellia leaves looking a little dull? Magnolia giving a spotty showing?

  • June 2008
  • March 2008

    Moss comes in handy for all variety of floral arrangements, not only for adding texture and color, but also for concealing floral foam and other practical elements.

  • Mac and Johnny Langley opened their beautiful Old Village home for this American Red Cross benefit on Friday, April 15

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