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March 2014

How to Wear Crop Tops

What do local pros think of the look?

Stacy Smallwood, Owner of Hampden Clothing & James:

“I think you can try a version of this trend by getting a boxy crop top and wearing it with high-waisted jeans so your tummy doesn’t show. It’s all about interpreting the trend to fit your style.”


Janyce McMenamin, Owner of RTW 

“It was a fun trend years ago, but it’s over now. Lady Gaga brought it in, and the teenagers took it out.” 


Courtney Loadholt, Costume buyer & wardrobe consultant

“I love it! Crop tops make me think of 1940s starlets and 1950s short sets. Balance the top with high-waisted bottoms—for example, a pencil skirt. For a playful look, pair with a circle skirt or capris.”


Photograph courtesy of Nicole Miller