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July 2011

Felice Killian
WRITTEN BY: Kali Blevins

When she’s not blowing glass for her jewelry designs, this mother of two finds beauty in Doris Day, chats with her children, and a good night’s sleep



One for All: “These were taken of my parents, sisters, and me from 1977 to 1982. They hung in our den like this, so my mom had a copy made for each of us.”



Family Style: “I used to be more fashionable, but now that I have kids, I just wear clothes that wash easily. I dress them up with jewelry—my new ‘Bubbles’ necklace is one of my favorites.”



Ilustrous Beginning: “I love my wedding ring because it’s antique and exactly what I would have picked out. It marked the start of a new life for me and Hume.”





Foreign Treasures: “I got these hand-painted glasses in Dubai. I love traveling and always bring extra bags so I can shop.”




Beauty Rest: “This is the third Lambie eye mask I’ve bought—it gives me the best night’s sleep!”




Spritz of Bliss: “My sister gave me this Chloé perfume. It’s light and delicious—everyone who smells me comments on it.”



Little Likeness: “Hume had Mark Bailey paint a portrait of little Felice for me for Christmas. That’s her little expression—I just want to kiss it!”




Kindred Spirit: “I found this at the old Boomer’s Books for $200. I would have paid $500! Doris Day is my best friend I never met!”

The Scoop:

Summer Lovin’: “We go boating all the time—it gives me a feeling of complete freedom and adventure.”
Truly Devoted: “The only necklace I put on that I haven’t designed is one my mom wore up until I started making jewelry at 14. After that she just wore my pieces.”
Conversation Starter: “One of my favorite things is to talk with Felice. I love all the on-her-own things she says and does, like when she walks up, puts her hands on my face, and kisses me.”