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Amanda Greeley

Amanda Greeley
February 2016
The founder and designer behind the luxe Tink + Tiger pajama line is adding an “off-the-clock” collection this spring. Greeley fills us in

Q. We heard you’re collaborating with artists on some pieces.
Yes, I wanted to add a more overt art component to the designs, whether I’m injecting art I’ve created into prints or doing more out-of-the-box things with emerging artists I admire, such as local Carrie Beth Waghorn.

Q. What’s your go-to piece of clothing this time of year?
My style has become a lot more seasonless. Aside from those couple of scorching summer months, I more or less wear the same thing all the time. Most days start with a pair of black Madewell ”High Riser Skinny Jeans.”

Q. Tell us about the new collection.
Tink + Tiger started as a pajama maker, but I realized that I liked the idea of creating something more versatile than simply fancy jammies; I wanted to expand into pieces for time spent off-the-clock, which isn’t limited to sleeping.

Q. What’s your pick for comfortable-but-cute shoes?
Billy Reid loafers. I try to find pairs that have a feminine touch, whether that’s a pointed toe or a great color.

Q. Describe your dream wardrobe.
. I fantasize about a closet full of nothing but neutrals: perfectly fitting black pants; white and black tees; camel, navy, black, and cream sweaters of all weights; a few tailored blazers; and a navy or black coat, plus a camel one. I’m also a sucker for great pieces in nude or blush.

Q. Who do you follow on Instagram for inspiration?
I love NeueJournal; PlantsOnPink; and Carrie Beth Waghorn’s feed, BourbonGingerr.