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Cook Up Three tasty Recipes from Charleston Receipts

Every Lowcountry kitchen should have a copy of Charleston Receipts, the oldest Junior League cookbook still in print and widely considered the Bible of local cuisine. In our original Bucket List, we implored readers to buy a copy and learn the proper preparation of shrimp and grits. Chef Frank Lee, the now-retired longtime executive chef at SNOB and a vanguard of the city’s culinary renaissance, suggests three more recipes of critical importance to our city’s palate.

Benne Seed Wafers (page 292) The cookbook points out that West African slaves regarded benne (sesame) as a “good luck plant.” Don’t let visitors head home with pre-packaged benne wafers—make them yourself.

Brown Oyster Stew with Benne Seed (page 49) Bacon, oysters, onions, and flour meet in blissful union. “This recipe shows the African connection with Lowcountry cuisine,” notes Lee.

Chicken Country Captain (page 123) This spicy amalgam of peppers and protein takes its name from the seafarers who brought curry to the New World. “There’s a sea captain’s international intrigue, and it tastes great too,” says Lee.