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The Pink Palace

(from left) Vera Wang from Maddison Row; Steve Birnbaum from White; "Regan" from Modern Trousseau.
Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards

June 20, 2012

The Pink Palace

Check out the Palmer Home B&B, a quintessential Charleston venue

Written by Melissa Bigner

For the current issue of Charleston Weddings, we headed downtown to the Battery to shoot our fashion story. When I told people where we were going to be, the Palmer Home B&B, I usually had to chase its name with its nickname—the Pink Palace. “You know,” I’d say, that pink house on the Battery that is always on national TV whenever anyone talks about Charleston.” When I mentioned as much to our Web director, she told a funny story about how she used to envy the couple she always saw sitting on its piazza, sipping wine and soaking up the view. “Then,” she said, “I realized it wasn’t the same couple every time, that it was a B&B and those were guests.” In other words, that lifestyle is up for rent!

I mention as much, because I’m often asked for under-the-radar locations for weddings since there’s such a demand for say-I-do spots here in town. I mostly refer folks to our online venue directory, but if you’re looking for something fabulous South of Broad, the Palmer Home B&B is a great bet. Built in 1848, it is an amazing example of antebellum architecture. We love the way it reigns over its large, grassy lot, its small pool, and its large carriage house. The views are unbeatable, and the furnishings fabulously antique, yet homey—family photos of the owner (who lives on the first floor) pepper the public rooms. Take a look at our shoot (click here for formal shots and here for behind-the-scenes images) and you’ll see what I mean.

I can totally envision a small ceremony on the lawn and a reception on the second-floor piazza and parlor. In fact, I have seen photos from brides who did just that, prepped and dressed in the two-story carriage house, then got married and feted, all within a few steps of each other. Add that it could be your honeymoon location, and you’ve got the whole affair wrapped up. Oh, and if you crave a wedding parade, Whitepoint Gardens is a block away, and the bandstand there is available for rent for ceremonies through the local park system. Exchange vows there, walk the Battery to your reception, and toast your guests overlooking the harbor…it doesn’t get more Charleston than that!

Wed, 06/20/2012