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Nail Tips

July 12, 2010

Nail Tips
Get a polished look without a lot of fuss

WRITTEN BY Brad Kachelhofer

Whether you're the belle of the bridal shower ball this season, or ready to wend your way down the wedding aisle any minute, having well-kept nails (fingers and toes, we mean) will make all those paparazzi moments a little less nail-biting and a lot more glamorous. We spoke with  Mary Waddell, owner and operator of Natural Nail Care Clinic in Mount Pleasant, to help you get there. Mary's shop specializes in gentle, natural nail care and products, so her advice goes on easy.

Soft & Supple
"Hydrating the nail plate and the skin around the nails is essential," says Mary. Healthy creams and oils massaged into the hands help the skin retain moisture and keep nails pliable and less likely to break and split. She also advises against cutting cuticles and tough skin around fingers or toes. Use moisturizers to condition the areas instead.

The Countdown
Start the conditioning process three to five months before the big event to get your hands and nails in the best shape, suggests Mary. If you bite your nails or pick at the skin around them, try to overcome these habits during the countdown months. (Regular manicures can actually help, or you can also try paint-on drugstore products used to deter babies from thumb sucking.) Schedule a final manicure two days before the wedding and apply topcoat daily to maintain your polish throughout the wedding weekend.

Pick a Palette
If you're opting for neutral, try shades of ivory, pink, peach, and taupe in various opacities, as different tints look better on different skin tones. Or highlight your flowers, gown, or accessories with strong colors that complement you and your trappings.

Oo la la!
French manicures can make even the shortest nails look longer. But let the pros handle this one, as it's a difficult look to achieve on your own.

Tend to Your Toes
Spring and summer weddings mean open- and peek-toe shoes, so don't let your digits get all the glory. Pamper your tootsies with the same regimen and care as mentioned here, even getting a French manicure to elongate any shorties.

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