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Let the Voting Begin!

Finalists of the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens wedding giveaway (clockwise from top left): Tracy Giblin & Steve Fox, Kristen Turner & Adam Tan, Brad Cashman & Jess Reeks, and Katie Durham & Bobby Hill

July 17, 2012

Let the Voting Begin!

Choose your favorite couple to win the $50K Magnolia Plantation & Gardens wedding giveaway

Written by Melissa Bigner

Ok, admit it, everrrrryone loves a little video break in the afternoon. And no one can resist a good romance story, either. If you’ve got a few moments, score your fix in both categories and be a little charitable in the meantime, when you help pick the winner of the biggest wedding giveaway in Charleston this year.

Click here and you’ll see the four finalists whose videos won over the judges (including yours truly). Watch each, then vote on who you think should have a luxe wedding on the house (for 150 guests) next year. Each e-mail address is allowed one vote per week, and the contest runs until August 31, 2012. So snap to it!

Who’s it going to be…

Tracy Giblin and Steve Fox, whose favorite trips are to the Holy City and who have a quirky way with video graphics?

Kristen Turner and Adam Tan, locals who share his surprise Parisian trip and proposal to her in a Nicholas Sparks-worthy clip?

Jess Reeks and Brad Cashman, Charleston residents who enlisted strangers around town to help make their video?

Katie Durham and Bobby Hill, both active duty in the Army and stationed in Afghanistan, who got special leave to film their love story entry?

Click here to vote!

Tue, 07/17/2012