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Good Taste!

The sumptuous style lounge features samples from caterers like (left to right) Hamby Catering & Events; Bakehouse Charleston; and Good Food Catering. (Photographs courtesy of the vendors.)

March 12, 2013

Good Taste!
Bring your appetite to the Charleston Weddings Magazine’s Spring Bridal Show

written by Melissa Bigner

Everyone knows Charleston is a foodie town populated with award-winning chefs and caterers, so it goes without saying that taste testing for weddings is a dream affair. And while our March 23 Spring Bridal Show is definitely ruled by the white gowns that parade down the runways, we’re all about the party, too. You can’t have a party without treats, so we’ve amassed a “sumptuous” lounge where one can sip, sample, and shop to your heart’s content. From 11-11:30 a.m., there’s a reception cocktail party with gratis beverages and goodies offered right and left. The bar turns into a cash bar thereafter, but food samples—savory and sweet— are free throughout the event, including the noontime intermission and immediately after the shows end. Bottom line? Come hungry—and thirsty—and ready to find your dream caterer. Read on for the lineup.

B. Gourmet Catering
SERVING: savory bites
(843) 209-6288
Visit us at the show for Carolina pulled pork in crispy wontons with creamy coleslaw and spicy pickle; roast beef crostini with caramelized onions and gorgonzola cream sauce; and shrimp and pesto crostini with crumbled prosciutto.
The most sought-after thing with our clients right now is a groom’s table that features his favorite foods.
When it comes to a wedding, splurge on the menu, of course!

Bakehouse Charleston
SERVING: sweet bites
(843) 577-2180; 160 East Bay St., Charleston, SC
Come visit us at the show for cupcakes, bite-size bars, brownies, cookies, and cake truffles.
Besides wedding cakes, we’re known for our homemade salty caramel with fleur de sel salt, since we were the first in town to put it in our brownies and buttercream.
The craziest part about making wedding cakes in Charleston is carrying a teetering four-tier cake over cobblestone streets while walking a dessert buffet onto a cruise ship (gangplank included)—only in Charleston!

Good Food Catering
SERVING: savory bites
(843) 723-7952
Visit us at the show for white truffle arancine with vodka-tomato cream sauce garnished with basil microgreens, and other goodies.
The craziest that has happened to us as a caterer was the time we did seven different weddings on the same day at different locations…and had each event run smoothly and successfully.
Our wedding couples can come into our restaurants (39 Rue de Jean, Coast, Virginia’s on King) for their anniversary and enjoy the same cuisine they had at their reception.

Hamby Catering & Events
SERVING: savory bites
(843) 571-3103; 925 St. Andrews Blvd.
West Ashley, SC
Our favorite trend in catering is locally sourcing menu items because Charleston and the surrounding region offer rich agriculture and what Chef Brunski calls “aquaculture.” Whether it’s goat cheese from John’s Island, cream bread from Olde Colony Bakery, artisan breads from Normandy Farms Bakery, or seafood from Carolina waters, we pride ourselves on serving up the freshest local ingredients.
We get a lot of requests for passed late-night items—think milk shots with housemade cookies, candied apple bites, fried chicken and waffles, and mini sliders with hand-cut chips.
Attendees will want seconds of our Hamby tea sandwiches…they are addictive!

SERVING: cocktails
(843) 766-3366
If you like Snyder Event Rental, you’ll love us because we’re the company’s bartending arm.
You probably didn’t know that we also offer a casino service. It’s perfect for bachelor parties or cool engagement parties.
We’re excited to serve spiked and not-spiked cocktails, specialty drinks, and more at the bridal show this year.


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