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Flower Power

June 28, 2010

Flower Power
Get fresh when it comes to buying bouquet fodder and more

WRITTEN BY Melissa Bigner
Photograph BY Peter Frank Edwards

Have you been to any of our farmers markets lately? I can’t get enough of the flower stalls that just scream summer, summer, summer. Those got me thinking about green weddings—ones that tend to be less pricey, more eco-friendly, less fly-everything-in—and how that might play out here in the floral realm. For starters, DIY types can hit area farmers markets for fresh offerings perfect for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and even ceremony bouquets. Or brides who crave a little more strategizing might work with Thackeray Farms on Wadmalaw or Rosebank Farms on John’s Island to get a specific range of blooms. We’ve even seen weddings that used potted plants from Hyams Garden Center on James Island and Abide-a-While in Mount Pleasant as tabletop or ceremony décor.

If the DIY mode stresses you out, chill out by clicking through our expansive directory of super-talented floral designers at And if you go pro? Writer Sara Moise Young dug up a few tips for getting the flowers you’ve always dreamed of.

Word Up
“Key words can be very helpful when choosing a mood or a theme,” said one local floral designer. One of the florist’s brides was planning a farmhouse wedding and said she wanted a “rustic, elegant, and playful” look. Copious amounts of wildflowers in French floral containers trimmed with rough silk ribbon did the trick. Another bride, says the same florist, requested a “modern and funky” wedding, so they got bright-colored, submerged blooms in glass vases.

Picture This
Pictures are worth everything, agree local wedding designers and floral mavens—even if they’re not specifically of flowers. Say you dig the Anthropologie catalog, and liked the brand’s style. “That can give me tons of ideas, from colors to containers,” noted one local floral vendor.

Mind Your Money
Some brides are scared to talk prices, but know your budget and stick to it—that way your florist can work within your parameters and give you a reasonable design based on reality. Stray off the path, and it’s a shame for either of you to get excited about ideas you can’t afford to pursue.

Get Details Down
Talk to your florist about the terms of service, such as your contract, methods of payment, timing of invoices, and so forth, and be sure to get the information in writing so everyone’s expectations are fully managed. This protects both of you in case unforeseen issues crop up.

Follow Up
As you shop for a florist, it’s good manners to tell prospects when you’ll make a decision. Charleston is popular for weddings, and florists need to firm their schedules well in advance.

Coordinate Your Cast
If you have a wedding planner, make sure the florist has their contact information. These two will work directly together after you’ve hired each. Save Yourself!

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