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Spring/Summer 2013

Chloe Byers & Paul Hotze, December 31, 2011, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Jessica Peterson and Ben Sielen, October 29, 2011, The William Aiken House

Kiften Stephens and William Carroll, October 8, 2011, The Legare Waring House


A Big Day at St. Paul's Chapel in the Old Village shows how to layer patterns upon patterns—the latest look in men's wedding wear

RiverOaks, a country manor on the headwaters of the Wando River, welcomes demure looks from the country’s top designers

Sara Jacoby & Dominick Maggio, April 21, 2012, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Catherine Dickson & Zack Stergar, November 25, 2011, The Legare Waring House

Brianna Barker & Evan Gropper, February 18, 2012, Lowndes Grove Plantation

Beautiful things happen when three Charleston cake pros are inspired by a host of stunning, locally designed gowns

Lisa Abernathy & Seth Corts, October 22, 2011, Private Home on Wadmalaw Island

Elise Yardley Cobb and Tim Hussey, November 5, 2011, Private Downtown Home

Ashley Reid and John Martin, October 15, 2011, Kensington Plantation

Logan Stout & Mark Chandler, October 15, 2011, Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church & RiverOaks

Kiosha Hammond & Joseph Dickey, November 19, 2011, The Island House

The printing mavens from Charleston's Sideshow Press open their online boutique

Let your groom's personality shine on your wedding

Decorate your Big Day with storied (and snipped) art forms

Satisfy even the mightiest sweet tooth with these utterly decadent Lowcountry treats, perfect for favors and dessert spreads 

Wedding planning got you ready to head for the hills? Try eloping to the Lowcountry instead

Slip on a cool rock that's sure to warm your heart

Meet the newest men's bands worth celebrating

It may be cold outside, but these haute treats are sure to heat up the winter wedding season

From blushing to bold and even blue (!), wedding gowns turn all shades of pretty

Capped, illusion, or buttoned up, sleeves add a ladylike look to every gown

Lay on the lace to give that sexy silhouette a “proper” makeover

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