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Sam Grey & Rosally Lumansoc

August 3, 2012

While stationed at Georgia’s Moody Air Force Base in the summer of 2007, Air Force Academy student Sam Grey was enjoying a Saturday night off base at a local bar. In the crowded pub, seats were hard to come by. Luckily for Rosally Lumansoc, a junior at the nearby Valdosta State University, though, she spotted an empty seat next to Sam. Scooting in beside him she asked, “Why are you sitting by yourself?” to which Sam smoothly answered, “I’m not sitting by myself—I’m saving this seat for you.” The two became fast friends, chatting on the phone and making occasional trips to see each other while back at their respective schools, until 2009, when Rosally “jumped the gun,” she says, and accepted a job in Ohio—where Sam had been stationed after graduating—and they began dating. Three years later, Sam (a Captain in the United States Air Force) flew Rosally to her hometown in Georgia for her birthday. The next day, he surprised her with yet another trip —this time to Disney World. There, in a fairytale setting beneath a gazebo, Sam revealed a small white box. Down on one knee he asked, "pakakasalan mo ba ako?" which means, “Will you marry me?” in Rosally’s native Filipino language, The couple plans to marry in Charleston—the perfect middle ground, Rosally says, for their relatives in North Carolina and Georgia.